Years Stay Vinyl Record Player

🎶 Unbox the Beats with Years Stay Vinyl Record Player! 🎶

Step into the groove of yesteryears and the rhythm of today with the Vinyl Record Player, your all-in-one record player that’s as classic as it is current. In sleek white or ravishing red, this is where your music comes alive!

Why It’s Your Turntable Treasure:

  • Sonic Powerhouse: With a 5W speaker system, every note comes through crisp, clear, and just plain cool.
  • Bluetooth Brilliance: Wirelessly spin your digital playlists with Bluetooth 5.0 – vintage meets vanguard.
  • Speed Demon: Whether it’s the soulful 33, the brisk 45, or the sprightly 78rpm, spin it right for any vibe.
  • Size Versatility: Loves all your records, whether they’re 7, 10, or 12 inches – size really doesn’t matter here.
  • Ruby-Tipped Tunes: Featuring a Domestic Ruby Cartridge and a Professional Ruby Stem stylus for a sound as precious as the gemstone itself.
  • Connectivity Galore: Got headphones? Check. External speakers via RCA? Check. That AUX input? Oh, check!

Specs to Show Off:

  • Colour Your Music: Choose between pure white or radiant red to suit your style.
  • Auto-Stop Oomph: Auto stop function for when you’re too lost in the music to flip the record.
  • Plug and Play: Ready to rock right out of the box with easy setup and intuitive controls.


The Years Stay Vinyl Virtuoso isn’t just a record player; it’s a centrepiece, a statement, a testament to your exquisite taste in music and design. It’s the beat of your past, the tune of your present, and the sound of your future.

🔊 Drop the needle, raise the volume, and let the good times roll with the Years Stay Vinyl Record Player 🔊

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Weight 2.60 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 150 cm

Red, White

Power Adaptor


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