Hydro-Boost Gradient Bottle

🌈 Meet Your New Hydration Hero: The Hydro-Boost Gradient Bottle! 🌈

Think hydration is just about quenching thirst? Not anymore! Our Hydro-Boost Gradient Bottle isn’t just a drinkware; it’s a hydration motivator, a statement piece, and a health companion, all wrapped into one stylish sipper.

Why You’ll Adore It:

  • Colour Your Hydration: Choose from the zen of gradient green, the pep of gradient pink, or dive into the cool vibes of gradient blue turning slightly purple. Your style, your hydration.
  • Material Marvel: With a body made from durable PC and a cover of sturdy PP, complemented by a soft silicone suction nozzle, this bottle is built for the long haul and the soft sips.
  • Capacity to Keep You Going: 900ml of liquid love to carry you through your day. That’s a lot of H2O on the go!
  • Time Tracker: Featuring encouraging time markers, it’s not just a bottle; it’s your personal cheerleader cheering you on to drink more water. “Keep chugging,” “Don’t give up,” and “You did it!” – because every sip counts.


The Hydro-Boost Gradient Bottle isn’t just a water bottle; it’s a lifestyle. Stay hydrated in style, keep your body happy, and your taste buds tantalised with the convenience of a straw.

The Specs That Impress:

  • Portable Perfection: A handy strap makes it your perfect partner for that morning jog, the intense gym session, or a leisurely walk in the park.
  • Straw-Struck: Who doesn’t love a good straw? Ours is built-in for your sipping pleasure. No more tilting, just pure sipping simplicity.
  • Sealed for Freshness: The secure lid keeps your drink where it should be – inside the bottle. No spills, no thrills, just freshness with every sip.

πŸ’¦ Get ready to elevate your hydration game with the Hydro-Boost Gradient Bottle!



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Blue, Green, Pink, Purple

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